Rodrigo Ungaro born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela in the year of 1986. 

He always related to nature and open spaces, his parents always took him to Los Roques Archipelago where he converted his temple later in life. This is where he found love and respect for nature, because of this he developed interest in water action sports what later became his way of living by seeing the ocean behavior in a different perspective. 

Photography is the tool that allows Rodrigo to capture this unique moments that nature gifts us, moments that will never repeat. He has the need to show the world this gifts of nature that he can see, the peace and tranquility are the pillars of what he transmit with his photography. All the elements are used in his favor to create environment that generate pleasure and well-being to the viewers.

Nowadays all he does is think in "clicks" trying to capture everything he can. Photography grew in him and he makes it live every day with inspiration to continue growing his profession ... His passion continues to grow and will not disappear.